Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy couple weeks but still working

It's an emotional summer this year, and, for about a week, I was afraid that I was slipping backward. When not directly working, I have been reading or sketching and trying to keep moving forward. I'm a little more sure of my footing now again and back to work.

A couple of weeks ago, I did try carving a stamp. I get caught up in decisions sometimes and felt that happening with my stamp choice. I kept being attracted to the photo of the garden mesh, but I wasn't sure about how to make a stamp of it. I've been wanting to carve stamps for a while. I remember carving wood in high school woodshop for block prints. I had bought some of the soft carve blocks from Dick Blick (great art supply source). I played with the mesh photo and found an angle I could use and gave it a try. The pads carve like butter! I finished and immediately tried the stamps on some of my painted papers. The stamps are fragile, though, and the next day, Sean broke the stamp quite easily. It can still be used and will but I have carved a second, slightly more stable stamp as well. I am so excited at how easy it is and now I want to try linoleum as well. I know, another project for the free time list. You know, like a wish list, it's a list of things I'd like to try if and when I end up with free time! I know, dream on!

So, back to business... tommorow morning, I'm going to finish painting and stamping with my new and improved stamp anf I may play with the broken one as well! Then, off to Jenny's wedding and more paper play on Sunday.

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