Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Distant Stitch Module 1

I graciously blame this endeavour on the incredible women in my life who have always led me to stretch and strengthen myself through the arts -
My mother and grandmothers taught me, as I teach my daughter, that to create art with your own hands stimulates the mind and infuses part of your soul into your creation.
I was fortunate to have time with each growing up and learn to enjoy crochet, embroidery, cut- work, hand and machine sewing. It has led me down an awesome path from sewing school wardrobes, to pattern making and fashion design in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Moving to Oregon led me to another awesome woman, my good friend, Georgia French. She helped steer me toward art quilting, fabric dyeing and manipulation, and even more incredible women who make up the group Fyber Cafe. And now, Georgia has helped lead me here to Distant Stitch.
My goal is to use all the elements in my technical repertoire while freeing my mind to new creations.
A great many thanks and lots of love to all the women who have touched and influenced my life to date - and there are many of you! All fear of failure aside and full steam ahead on a new journey!