Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back in the Saddle! Chapter 3

Gracie has changed and started school in Elkton, and Sean survived and loved his first week of preschool! Yeah!! Time to get back to work!!

I've been procrastinating starting Chapter 3 - not enough time, not sure where to start, etc...

Last night I got inspired and started playing with a black and white cross image in Adobe Photoshop. I haven't used the program yet very much and, although I've bought 2 books about it, I'm still a beginner. I'm impressed with the results from some simple manipulation and less fearful of jumping in in the future. The corner right image is my original cross and the other views are simple changes playing with the software.

After playing in black and white, I decided to try one of the star pattern photos that I had found of photoplankton, and love the results of the treatments, especially the wave. I love the way the colors are manipulated and blended!! I can already envision printing some fabrics for use in other projects. I also like the idea of using the patterns in nature.

I am not a painter, although I am playing with that medium a bit, too, so I love seeing how the light and dark are manipulated and follow lighting patterns. I can definately use this in the future to help me see lighting variations.

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